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Young woman picking lemons

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Date taken 31.07.2017
description Young woman picking lemons
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Lemon, portrait, harvesting, woman, food and drink, Fruit, Citrus Fruit, people, Adults, picking, smiling, lemon tree, harvest, relaxed, Joy, happiness, standing, ripe, agriculture, rural, simplicity, leisure, Orchard, sky, outdoors, day, positive, Freshness, optimistic, casual, three-quarter length, straw hat, Fruit Tree, fruit-growing, garden, confidence, toothy smile, looking up, dropout, rural scene, dungarees, Agrarian, wickerbasket, nature, alternative lifestyle, picked, self-sufficient person, young women, one person, 25-30 years, caucasian, Gran Canaria, agricultural country, Plantation, emotional, Emotion, hat, Plant, Tree, looking, basket, self supply, young adults, Millennials, 20-30 years, Spain, Canary Islands, Photography, Color Image, Alimentation, food, Food and Drinks, Nutrition, Fruits, Citrus Fruits, Lemons, portraits, human, human being, human beings, humans, person, persons, adult, grown-up, grown-ups, grownup, grownups, female, females, women, pick, pluck, plucking, smile, lemon trees, harvests, relaxation, enjoyment, pleasure, happy, stand, country, country side, simple, free time, leisure time, culitvated land, Plantations, Orchards, skies, location shot, location shots, outdoor, outdoor shot, outdoor shots, day shots, daylight, daylight shot, daylight shots, daytime, fresh, Emotions, Feeling, Feelings, Sentiment, Sentiments, optimism, casual clothing, casual wear, leisure wear, three quarter length, hats, straw hats, Plants, Trees, Fruit Trees, orcharding, gardens, confident, laughing, open smile, look, seeing, view, viewing, non urban, non urban scene, non-urban scene, farming, baskets, wicker basket, wicker baskets, wickerbaskets, plucked, self-containment, self-sufficient, self-sufficient persons, young, young woman, 1, one person only, only one person, young adult, young people, Millennial, 20 to 30, 20 to 30 years, 20-30, 20s, 25 to 30, 25 to 30 years, 25-30, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, european, Canaries, Canary Isles, Grand Canary, Photo, Photos, Colour Image, Color, Colour