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Sunbird Images

Sunbird Images was established in the year 2000 by Peter Mullen and Georg Pohland to create a new way of publicly disseminating knowledge. With the help of a grant of the PFAU Initiative of the State of NRW in Germany the two biologists started to combine scientific practices, generally understandable information as well as entertainment. Sunbird Images grew constantly, built up a worldwide online photo agency for wildlife photographers, developed photographic and videography techniques for visualizing ultraviolet traits in nature, and produced various educational films for museums and other scientific institutions. Further assignments public and private television companies followed, including Arte, ARD, RTL, and National Geographic. The tasks encompassed the consulting and conduction of UV-filming and leading an expedition to Panama. Further on, Sunbird Images entered into the mobile application (apps) market and increased efforts in film production. Today, Sunbird Images represents more than 100 photographers and markets more than 100 Apps for iOS and Android OS devices as well as a set of sophisticated multimedia pet and nature e-books.

Citrus x paradisi
(RM) image no. 1181479
Citrus reticulata
(RM) image no. 1181478
Citrus maxima
(RM) image no. 1181477
Pomelo, Shaddock
Cuscuta europaea
(RM) image no. 1181475
European Dodder
Cocos nucifera
(RM) image no. 1181474
Young Coconuts
Spilosoma lubricipeda
(RM) image no. 1181472
White Ermine Moth
Spilosoma lubricipeda
(RM) image no. 1181471
White Ermine Moth
Omocestus viridulus
(RM) image no. 1181470
Common Green Grasshopper
Caprimulgus europaeus
(RM) image no. 1181469
nightjar, juvenile
Caprimulgus europaeus
(RM) image no. 1181468
nightjar, fledgeling
Inula hirta
(RM) image no. 1181466
Inula hirta
Matricaria recutita
(RM) image no. 1181465
German chamomile
Matricaria recutita
(RM) image no. 1181464
German chamomile
Anguis fragilis
(RM) image no. 1181463
Pyrola rotundifolia
(RM) image no. 1181462
round-leaved Wintergreen
Stachys arvensis
(RM) image no. 1181461
field woundwort
Epilobium hirsutum
(RM) image no. 1181460
great willowherb
Talpa europaea
(RM) image no. 1181459
european mole
Odocoileus virginianus
(RM) image no. 1181457
Young Buck White-Tailed Deer
Stachys palustris
(RM) image no. 1181456
marsh woundwort