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Angelika Schmelzer

About Horses write , capture horses , live on a stud and leisure riding course - the dream of every horse friend who would like to turn your hobby into a career. Angelika Schmelzer was born in a bustling city , but moved the horses due to the country. Now , in the Hunsr├╝ck and is home to close to the emerging national parks, however completely new motifs urge formally , so that more and more bizarre mushroom photos and interesting nature macro shots find their way to their extensive image archive. In the world of horses , her photographic main interest for one of the great variety of breeds and riding styles apply to the other motives that can tell a little story . Less the really big sporting achievements , the more quiet , intense moments , in which the growing connection between the different species can be represented as man and horse photographs , she captures with the camera. It is a respect for the horse and his very own needs always at the forefront .

Domestic Horse
(RM) image no. 1516475
Dirty Horse, grey, gray
Horse grooming
(RM) image no. 1516470
horse grooming, curry comb
horse fodder
(RM) image no. 1516468
Horse Feed, green oats
horse fodder
(RM) image no. 1516463
Horse Feed without cereals
horse fodder
(RM) image no. 1516462
Straw, bedding
horse fodder
(RM) image no. 1516461
alfalfa Chaff and Cubes