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Thomas Schaeffer

Thomas Schaeffer, born in 1965, was infected with the virus of photography by his father at the age of 10. He started with 35mm b/w, slide film, and view finder cameras with fixed lenses. It was in 1981 when he bought his first SLR, a Canon AE-1, that he started more serious shooting, consequently buying more lenses, then in 1983 a Canon A-1. By that time he also become familiar with b/w lab work and joined some photography classes in school. After school and during military service, university, and the early working years as an engineer, photography was reduced to just holiday shooting. Then in 1993 he bought a new Canon EOS 100 during a trip to the US southwest as a replacement for his broken Canon A-1. The motive-rich southwest and the new technology re-ignited his love for photography. So after returning from the US Southwest he started photographing regularly as well as conducting slide shows on a small scale for regional audiences. Over the years he has added to and upgraded his equipment both for cameras and projection, preparing slide shows about every trip he and his wife made to the US west and Canada in the 1990s. He also authored two travel-guide style CDs about the US west and Alaska, which ran on PCs. It was in 2001, after some terrorist spoiled a planned trip in September to the southwest, that he bought his first Canon EOS D30 instead. The switch to fully digital boosted both his skills and picture frequency immediately. Now the complete connection between his two passions, photography and computers, was available. Moving on to the D60 and 20D cameras, replacing all lenses to better ones along the way was only logical. Another boost for the passion came in 2005 on a workshop on Vancouver Island with pro-photographer Rolf Hicker, where he not only learnt a lot but also shot stunning pictures of whales and the canadian landscape. Today he specializes in Travel, Landscape and wildlife photography, which he conducts mainly during his holiday trips to Europe, the US and Canada.

(RM) image no. 1509970
Reichstag, Berlin, Germany
Furka pass
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Furkapass, Switzerland
Furka pass
(RM) image no. 1509961
Furkapass, Switzerland
(RM) image no. 1509959
Chapel, Davos, Switzerland
(RM) image no. 1509954
Sunset, Gwythian, Cornwall, UK
(RM) image no. 1509948
Sunset, Gwythian, Cornwall, UK