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European beaver

We have received pictures of a beaver family from Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany) taken by German photographers. The photographers, Bettina and Christian Kutschenreiter, have been able to have an friendly relationship, nearly a friendship, with a family of wild beavers. Through daily visits within two years, the beavers got used to the photographers. They were able to approach the animals on a very short distance, were even allowed to pet them! The images show behaviors of wild beavers never before seen and documented. Highly unusual are the pictures of beavers in snow and ice. In hard winters the keep open an exit in the ice that enables them foraging at the river bank. Equally unusual are the pictures of beavers and fish (chub). The beaver stir up a lot of mud, in which the chubs seem to find food. Sometimes the beaver are surrounded by a swarm of chubs.