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Dogs of breed

During the domestication from wolf to dog many breeds evolved, specialized in certain roles, like gun dogs or shepherd dogs. Only a few of the more than 200 breeds of our archives are still kept as working dogs.

Coton de Tulear
(RM) image no. 360187
Coton de Tulear, bitches
Jack Russell Terrier
(RM) image no. 357889
Jack Russell Terrier
(RM) image no. 357887
Harlequin Poodles and puppy
Harlequin Poodle
(RM) image no. 357885
Harlequin Poodle, puppy
Australian Shepherd
(RM) image no. 351422
Australian Shepherds
Australian Shepherd
(RM) image no. 351421
Australian Shepherd