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Natural healing forces

Naturopathy differs significantly from conventional medicine to some extend: All symptoms are understood as the language of the body, questioned accordingly and treated with remedies nature makes available for us. Naturopathy offers an impressive selection of different methods such as aroma therapy, homeopathy, Spagyrik, Bach Flower Therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, electro acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, anthroposophical medicine, neural therapy and therapeutic fasting. All of them serve to reactivate our body’s own healing power.

incense stick
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bruning incense sticks
Acupuncture treatment
(RF) image no. 541449
Acupuncture treatment
medicinal clay
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medicinal clay with water
Ayurvedic treatment massage
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Ayurvedic treatment, massage
Woman receiving massage
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Woman receiving massage
Mint in bowl with
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Mint in bowl with hot water
Hand feeling woman's pulse
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Hand feeling woman's pulse