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Deep sea fish, grotesque creatures of the deeps of the seas

Deep sea fish are adjusted to life in ocean depths lower than 500 meters. The lowest depth where a fish has been observed is about 10,900 meters. Water temperature in the deep sea lies at about 4 °C. As the light is only able to reach a depth of 300 m, the deep sea is in nearly complete darkness. Fishes, living in zones with few light, often have big eyes to optimize the luminance efficacy. Deep sea fish have so called “photophores”. Photophores are used for different functions, e.g. illumination of the surrounding, searching partners or alluring prey. The last function has been brought to perfection by deep sea anglerfish. Anglerfish have an extension with a photophore at the end, the so called angle, ending directly in front of their head. Small fish attracted by the light are swimming directly in front the mouth of the anglerfish and are swallowed up.