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Spain, Manresa, couple standing on hill, burned forest

Copyright: Westend61
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Image No. 1471035
Size 5315 x 3548 Pixel
Date taken 28.03.2018
description Spain, Manresa, couple standing on hill, burned forest with symbols of crosses in the morning

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Mourning, burnt, forest, Hill, standing, Arms outstretched, couple, emotional, Emotion, people, caucasian, young man, 25-30 years, young women, Manresa, atmosphere, Fire Damage, forest fire, Destruction, damage, spooky, Travel, End, morning mood, copy space, Farewell, Christianity, Silence, morning sky, symbol, nature, outdoors, gloomy, sunrise, natural disaster, deadwood, Solitude, environmental damage, christian symbol, bonding, morning, Cross, death, vastness, aurora, silhouette, mystery, cloud, on the move, impermanence, young couple, Sadness, woman, togetherness, together, landscape, one young woman only, Adults, man, young adults, Millennials, 20-30 years, Spain, Catalonia, catastrophe, fire disaster, religion, sky, wood, environmental issues, environment, shape, morning light, adult couple, only young women, One Person, Photography, Color Image, Emotions, Feeling, Feelings, Sentiment, Sentiments, mourn, mourning, burned, forests, woods, Hills, hilly, stand, arm out, arm outstretched, arms out, outstretched arms, human, human being, human beings, humans, person, persons, couples, partnership, twosome, twosomes, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, european, adult, grown-up, grown-ups, grownup, grownups, male, males, men, young, young men, young adult, Millennial, 20 to 30, 20 to 30 years, 20-30, 20s, 25 to 30, 25 to 30 years, 25-30, female, females, women, young woman, atmospheric, Atmospheric Mood, Idyllic, mood, moody, Vibe, catastrophes, disaster, conflagration, fire disasters, forest fires, Demolition, destructing, damaged, haunting, Uncanny, Weird, Ending, Farewells, Good-Bye, Goodbye, belief, faith, religions, religious, silent, Stillness, skies, symbols, natural world, location shot, location shots, outdoor, outdoor shot, outdoor shots, murky, Somber, sun rise, sunrises, natural disasters, wooden, dead wood, remote, secluded, seclusion, Solitariness, solitary, ecology, environment and nature protection, environmental,