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Application as photographer

If you are a professional or semi-professional photographer working in the fields of nature, animals, people or travel and you are looking for an agency, please contact us. Please send us 30 selected images of your work. You can send us your images by email .

Please only send pictures fulfilling the following standard:

  • max side length 700 pixels
  • rgb colour
  • jpg compression level 4 to 6
  • IPTC caption

We receive many applications, please understand that we can only accept those which meet this standard. We will only contact photographers we really want to work with. If we are interested in your work we will ask you for a portfolio with 300 more images.

Our contact for photographers is Simone Schultes .

What are we looking for? - what do we need?

We already have a substantial collection of nature and animal images, however we are always interested in new, high quality images. Currently we are keen to expand our archives with people and lifestyle photography.

photographic style:

- dynamic and motion
- unusual details and views
- creative images
- good light
- preferably European people (because most of our customers are in Europe)

To expand our archives with people and lifestyle photography we currently need:

people in all situations in life (images with model releases!)

- neutral clothes, not depending on fashion or trends (the same for hairstyle)
- couples, families, grandparents with grandchildren
- women
- men
- children, babies, happy families
- sporting activities, freetime (no extreme sports)
- families in garden (having barbecue, cosy get-together etc.)
- people in traditional clothes
- people on holidays (christmas, easter, new year etc.)
- fit and good looking people between 40 and 60 years of age or older
- happy, good and positive looking people
- all kinds of professional groups
- vacations and relaxing, picknic, beach party
- people and families with pets (and farm animals)
- people strolling at beach or other locations (every season of the year)
- bodies, parts of bodies, details of bodies
- mother and child, motherhood, pregnancy
- eating people, healthy and poor diet
- hobbies: gardening, handicraft, games

business :

- people at work
- business images: office scenes, conferences, meetings, presentations, consultations
- mobbing, sexual harassment at work
- symbolic images: hands at laptop, hands at computer mouse or keyboard, signing of documents
- discussions, people on the phone
- successful people, happy people, people rejoicing

emotions :

- love, relationships
- aesthetically presented sexuality, no pornography
- romance, happy/unhappy relationships
- images presenting confidence, security, rage, fury, aggressions
- marital crisis, adultery, discussions between couples

- Wellness: sauna, solarium, Ayurveda, massage, aerobics, Yoga, stretching
- natural cosmetics: make up, personal hygiene, cucumber masks etc.
- personal hygiene: having a bath or a shower, face and body care, teeth (white teeth, gaps between teeth)
- styling: make up, cosmetics, hair styling, nail varnish/polish,
- men and fathers: shaving, personal hygiene, fitness etc.
- health and indisposition, allergies, sicknesses (headache, feaver, cold)

for our travel archives:

- buildings / places of interest:
- famous buildings like Eifel tower, Tower Bridge, Brandenburg Gate etc.
- monuments, memorials
- churches, monasteries, mosques etc.
- lighthouses, windmills etc.
- typical houses (e.g. timber-framed houses)
- sceneries: markets, street scenes, parks with and without people, beaches with and without people
- traffic and transport: airplanes, airports, avenues, boulevards, famous roads, motorways, trains, other means of transportation
- still life: typical food (e.g. sushi, pasta, spaghetti, pizza etc.), laid tables typical for a country

We need images from around the world. Our main interests are typical countries for vacations, but we are also interested in other countries like Russia, the Baltic nations and the Balkan states.

Animal pictures

We have many animal pictures. Here we are especially looking for images of pets and farm animals with the following main topics:

- all about pets and farm animals (together with people)
- care for animals: bathing, brushing, combing, dog parlour
- cleaning cages and enclosures, cat's toilets, put on the leash, house training of dogs
- guide dogs for handicapped and blind people, old people with animals
- at the veterinarian: in the waiting area, during treatment (no pictures of bloody operations)
- vaccination, vaccination card, tick in coat, removing ticks,
- children with animals, pregnant women with cats
- feeding all kinds of animals
- animals in stable, cage, enclosure, free-range farm animals
- animal friendships: different kinds of animals, preferably cute or young animals
- all about aquarium
- dog hair on couches or carpets
- dog dirt on pavement or playground, removing of dog's dirt by a person
- preparations for vacations with pets, vacations with animals
- pet birds roaming free in the flat
- cat net on balcony
- intelligence of animals
- placards with inscription: cat/dog gone astray, bird flown away
- large-scale animal husbandry, free-range farm animals
- farm animals on pasture, milking of cows, shearing of sheep
- stock farming
- rare breeds of farm animals


- markets
- street scenes
- parks with and without people
- beaches with and without people


- airplanes, airports
- avenues, boulevards
- famous roads
- motorways
- trains
- transport

still life:

- typical food (e.g. sushi, pasta, spaghetti, pizza etc.)
- laid tables typical for a country